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Looking for a good cause this summer? Become a part of the Music Festival!

The Music Festival has been able to operate for 50 years thanks to people - like you - that have volunteered their time and efforts to our success.

Here is a list of the positions that need to be filled every year:

Pavilion Ushers - assist patrons in finding reserved seating
Pavilion/Lawn Ticket Takers - take tickets at the gate
Lawn Patrol - monitor lawn area, enforce Festival policies
Zip Coder - gather ZIP codes from patrons
Pavilion Ticket Booth - sell reserved seating tickets
Lawn Ticket Booth - sell general admission tickets for lawn seating
Sales Booth - sell Festival merchandise
Substitute - on call to fill a position if necessary

These positions aren't hard, but they are necessary.

Still unsure about helping out?

Just look at the benefits!

  • Heart-Warming Satisfaction - from having helped the SVMF complete another concert series.
  • Your name in next year's program! As recognition for your efforts.
  • Free Admission - to the concert you are volunteering for.
  • Summer Memories - of helping a good cause and fun with friends and family.
  • AND NEW! You get a FREE Guest Ticket - to bring along some company to join you at the concert at which you are volunteering.

And when you are not busy with your duties, you can enjoy the concert just like any of our other patrons.

For more information, or to sign up, please email us at marketing@musicfest.org. All positions are filled on a first-come basis.


Want to be part of the region's oldest professional summertime music event! An SVMF sponsorship

"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" is a

The Shenandoah Valley Music Festival has interships available for the summer of 2014. C

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